Corporation Start Up


(The name must end with "Corporation," "Incorporated," "Corp." or "Inc.")

[Need to do]

*Obtain a new Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN#)

*Open Company bank account

*File necessary follow-up documents.

*Consult with a Tax professional at least annually.

[Advantages of Corporations ]

* A corporations can have an unlimited number of shareholders,

(U.S. and/or non-U.S. residents shareholders)

and are taxed on net profits.

* A corporation can deduct employee medical expenses and insurance.

* A corporations may have a pension plan.

Money paid into the pension plan is tax-deductible

to the corporation and

tax-free to the employee.

The money inside of the pension plan can grow tax-free

until withdrawn for retirement.

*The shareholders (owners) of the Corporation are

protected from liability when the business is sued

*The shareholders' liability is limited up to their share of stock.

*The operations of a Corporation are not affected by

the transfer of shares, or death of a shareholder

[Disadvantages of Corporations]

*Minimal record keeping

*Registration with government registries

*Service from a tax professional who is experienced

in corporate accounting prepare the required tax filings.

Steps: 미국 내 주식 회사 설립 과정

[1] Researching company name availability

[2] Prepare Documents

[3] Send to California Secretary of State for filing

[4] Incorporated when California has approved your filing

[5] Obtain a new Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN#)

[6] Open Company bank account

[7] File necessary follow-up documents to IRS, FTB, BOE, EDD, etc.